Repost of Julie’s ‘Doughnuts’

After what I’m sure was a very drunken conversation on my part some how through the garble Julie became inspired. And the topic? Doughnuts of course.

Julie in Bali

Doughnuts  (this one goes out to Tracie)

Strange name…
considering there are no nuts
and no dough
well, no money at least

no shiney silver sixpences like in Christmas puddings
no hidden cash, no cashews
no brazils – Hazel’s or anyone else’s
no peanuts, pecans or pines

no crazy people either
no connection to the nut house
no fruit and nut pairing like you take for granted in chocolate
no chestnut, macadamia nor pistachio

no, no
like I said
no dough
no nuts
– just doughnuts

(you had to be there!)

And, in case you were wondering, I took this picture of doughnuts that I bought in Ubud purely to demonstrate this poem!

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