Sanur Flashbacks (for TPL)

Today’s 100 word story is a guest post by Erwin. After reading my Sunday Sesh post: Classic Moments of a Shazza in Bali, she said she wrote this reflection.

Sanur Flashbacks (for TPL)

It began with a coconut and a beer.
Well, before that pasta with a fuckwit new boss. Or before that, upstairs in fluro-lit sleven.
But truly, with kelapa muda, beer, de/retox.
Sunburn and a new friend with a pool where you could swim to the toilet.
Then, sate and mango smoothies, seven hours of karaoke, happy tos, daybeds.
Temans, bogans, boys from the band, EPL set.
And new year in the rain at CP, tentu saja.
It began with a coconut and a beer.
And ended with valium, red wine, Garuda flight.
Full circle, everything returning.
Apart from Tracie’s shoes.