She Haunts Those With Restless Eyes

She haunts those with restless eyes.
Unsettles mysterious tones,
Unexposed woes,
An oppressed drone.
Echoes fears for thoughts
Through a sonar swell
From the unknown.

She cradles in her fingertips,
Her wrinkly skin,
Pressurized sin;

Tastes like salty oxygen.

She rides your deepest thoughts for fears
A puppeteer
Tosses you confidence, your ego
Back and forth in her wish-wash hands
For froth, for cheer;
Thrusts them into your face,
melts your disguise
Grinds granules of sand into your brow,
Scratches your restless eyes.

She moves without moving.
She is sleepy but not sleeping.
She’s the sea and is all seeing.