Thoughts Of Dan

There was once a man named Dan who everyone loved. He was a party animal but he stood by his morals and provided much good advice to his friends.

Then one day he died.

Dan’s mates reminisced about Dan at parties for many years after his death. They would remind each other of stories about Dan, explain how nicknames came about and even explained to new friends how they worshipped Dan as their ultimate party animal.

After a few drinks, his admirers would become defensive of Dan and argue with each other over who knew the true Dan. They would argue about details of stories about Dan, about stories Dan had told, and also about Dan’s party tricks. Some would even try to imitate Dan’s party tricks but could never do it with the same passion Dan had and this caused great jealousy and confusion which eventually led to drunken rioting.

On one particular day at a party, one of Dan’s admirers told another to leave the house immediately, banishing him forever. But the banished declared he had equal rights to stay in the house as he paid equal rent and his name was on the lease, unlike his accusing housemate.The two pulled weapons on each other and another of Dan’s admirers, who was visiting from overseas tried to stop the two from fighting and yelled out in the middle of the conflict, ‘what would Dan do?’

The man from overseas was taken to hospital immediately. He suffered from internal bruising, a knife wound to the stomach and embarrassment. ‘You didn’t even know Dan that well’, he said to himself.

This man had no health insurance and due to his position as a contractor at work, he ended up in a lot of debt.

He sold his possessions including his homes and car and found himself one day homeless, dirty, alienated from his friends and bearing many scars.
He turned to Dan one day in a fit of rage and yelled at the sky ‘dam you Dan! This is all your fault. ALL YOUR FAULT’.

The next day the man realized that it wasn’t Dan’s fault and he asked him for forgiveness. The reason being that he had known Dan fairly well, and realised that he wasn’t even that much of a party animal. He believed that Dan’s mates had elaborated the stories of him and put him on a pedestal. So the man decided to blame Dan’s mates.

And finally one day, the man realized that the real Dan was inside him all along and he didnt need to blame Dan’s mates because it was his responsibility to remember Dan the way he knew him, and not by the way others depicted him. Dan had good values and had always told the man to believe in himself and to remember that a picture will always fade in time.

‘It is not fair
To blame God
For the stupidity
Of some of his self
appointed representatives
In the church’ – Nan Witcomb from ‘The Thoughts of Nanushka’