White Feather

“White Feather” is a poem I submitted to Pentales.



topic: BORDERS medium: TEXT

I’m not going to send you a white feather,

Because this could go on and on, forever.

This isn’t Gods war

This is a man’s war

What are we fighting for?

No reason at all.

This is not our war; this is man’s war.

I’m not going to write you a letter,

Because I don’t know, where to send it.

This is my minds war,

What do I fight it for?

No reason at all?

Oh but there is for sure.

This is a mind war, my war.

I’m not going to send off a prayer,

Because I’m not sure that there is somebody there.

These are my thoughts,

Not yours,

So don’t try to care.

Try to take my time, my blood my soul – unfair.

I’m not going to know you at all.

Sent off a diamond; returned a lump of coal.

Because of…

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