World War Three #9/11

“World War Three” IS a piece I submitted to PenTales when they called for submissions on 9/11.



topic: 9/11 medium: TEXT

as submitted for the “9/11” Open Call

“World. War. Three.”
Those were the three words that I heard as my radio alarm clock cut in to my sleepy state at 6:30am on 11/9/01. It took me a few minutes for the words to register with my languid brain. I ignored the radio conversation, fumbled for the snooze button, and then rolled over in my bed pulling the blankets up over my head.
The snooze alarm came earlier than expected because mum came rushing in to my room and quickly withdrew me from my slumber.
‘Trace, Trace. America’s been attacked.’
It all finally registered, what the radio announcers were saying on their morning radio program. I flung the blankets off the bed and followed mum out in to the living room where I plonked myself in front of the television.
It was surreal. There on my television…

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