Sunday Sesh with TLG: Longsighted

I think I am longsighted.

Now I don’t mean this in a way where I can take one trip to the optometrist, practise my alphabet, get a prescription for a new lense and bam! I can and see what is put in front of me just as much as what is far away from me.

I mean that I can only make sense of things that are distant to me. Everything in the world makes sense when I don’t have to relate to it. When I can’t see it right in front of me. When I can call it. When I can look at it through a telescope. When can send it an email, a letter or a bunch of flowers!

But if its in front of me, I don’t even notice that its there. Wouldn’t even call it. Wouldn’t even trip over it. In fact, if I did somehow realise it was there, I may act like two north pole ends of a magnet and get as far away from it as possible.

Why is this I wonder? Is it all about perspective?

I recently toyed around in my head with an intense metaphor that went something along the lines of this: we are like planet Earth; we like looking at the sun and it warms us from afar but up close we burn; we like the stars shining at us from afar, reminding us that there are dreams to fulfil and that we can shine too but if we touched those dreams we may just find stardust and maybe like Pompeii, we will be flashfrozen, lucky enough to leave behind an ash cut-out of yourself in place of your dream. And there are other planets that orbit near us but we wouldn’t dare get to close or in fear we might combust. Self destruct. And the moon, the moon looks great from far away. It is my favourite really. But get close enough, and you can’t breathe.

So all in all, the moon and the sun and the stars are much like family, friends, people in general! – you can’t live too close to them or you will burn or we feel like we can’t breathe. So then we begin to think that we don’t need them. Then begins the opposite effect: too far from the sun and we freeze; too far from the moon and we still can’t breathe; too far from the stars and we have no shining light to follow. You may have noticed a new theme creeping in here – ‘balance’.