The World Of What Ifs

Guest blog by Karen Lark

Imagine if we could actually live out our what ifs. Would our lives be completely different or would our mother destiny have put us back on the path we are meant to travel down in life?

If there was a fork in our road and we chose which path to travel only to realise half way down that gravel road full of pot holes and dust we no longer wanted to travel it could we not just cut through the forestry and wild life to the other path? Sure there would be a few scrapes and tumbles but what if we just took it in our stride? Would our lives really tumble down in to Alice’s rabbit hole?

What if we chose not to actually walk down either path and just stayed by the pond at the beginning of the fork in the road would we really be that unhappy? What if we didn’t have to choose a path or the pond and just simply stood? What if?