One And All


Said the gecko to the fly,
I’m sick of chasing you
I don’t want to die, said the fly
So ill stop running from you.
Said the cat to the gecko,
I’m sick of playing with you
I wont hide anymore, said the gecko
If you call it quits then were through.
Said the dog to the cat,
I wont chase you no more
I wont tease you, said the cat
If you know you are sure.
Said the eagle to the dog,
I don’t want your eye
I won’t bark at you, said the dog
If you just fly on by.
Said the man to the eagle,
I wont hunt and cage you anymore
I will build my nest, said the eagle
And the man kept his hands on the floor.
Said god to the man,
I wont pave a path for you to follow
I will guide myself, said the man
And he wondered on alone.
Said the stars to God,
We won’t shine for you
I’ll light the world with my own eyes, said god
And the stars said, but how will you see?

God held out his hands and asked the man for a light
And the man asked the eagle to guide him
And the eagle asked the dog to bark when he was near danger
And the dog asked the cat to go first
And the cat told the gecko to crawl in to the tiny spots
And tell the fly to stay on the wall.

Poem ‘One And All’ by Tracie published in The Longing & Other Fairytale Feelings 


A big thank you to Julian Ray at Errant Clickings Photography for working together with The Literary Gangster and providing the perfect images for the poem! For a full display into Julian’s Photography go to: and you can follow him on Facebook too!