My Courteous Demise

Have you ever looked in to the mirror and liked what you saw?
I had never thought about it before.
A potato was a potato and a shoe a shoe,
A pillow, a pillow, I was told so by you.
I’ve never peeped behind the curtain before,
Because the curtains were drawn, to look more like a wall.
One day it appeared,
The wind gust the curtains in my face
And I needed to draw them open, rip them back, stomp on them with my Feet until they disintegrated on the ground,
In shreds all over the place.
But I didn’t move, didn’t even budge a smidge.
I let it blow, let it gust,
Let the tassels whip against the ridge.
I saw it again, the curtain
Blowing gently this time,
I caught a glimpse beyond
And in a flash
There it was:
My courteous demise.
Behind the curtain was a mirror
And I could see my reflection;
Round face, white mask,
And I had no objection.
There I stood, on a ledge
Not one quiver from a bone,
Sold my body to that space in return for answers I condone.
I charged to the edge of the brown wrinkled stone
Let my body take flight,
Take height
Take off,
Let it carry on alone.
Didn’t need to land because I’d learned how to fly,
How to soar
How to roar
How to let others go on by.
But it’s not what you think, this courteous demise,
Just a toe being tapped in the waters of another life.
Because I landed
On a pebble
In the middle
Of a river,
I was surrounded by water that glistened and glittered.
I saw reflections of purples, pinks, yellows and blues
I also saw a face I hadn’t recognised since before I met you.
I didn’t look back through the curtain again, back through to the wall
And that is how I lost you amongst the drapery and drawl.

Published in The Longing & Other Fairytale Feelings by TLG.