Guest Blog Interview With Writer’s Relief

Hello TLG fans! Today is an exciting day as we have a feature guest post interview with Writer’s Relief! I put Writer’s Relief to the test Literary Gangster-style, posing some interrogating questions about how they can, well, do us a favour. Welcome to the gang, Writer’s Relief!

TLG: How can Writer’s Relief help authors combat ‘The Fear’? ‘The Fear’ is that ugly, foreboding nimbus cloud-like creature who guards the gates to the publishing realm; he has a thunderous voice that booms the words ‘thou shalt not pass’ through your conscience and when the word ‘publish’ is mentioned, you shudder and take comfort under your desk in the foetal position.

WR: We know this formidable demon well. And so do our clients. In fact, some of them come to us because fear has kept them from submitting their writing to book agents or lit mags as regularly as they should. Everyone knows FDR’s “nothing to fear but fear itself.” So fear of failure can be far more damaging to a writer’s career than actual failure.

We manage our clients’ submissions to agents and editors of lit mags, often from the beginning to the end of the process. All they have to do is focus on their writing. For many of our writers, having us handle the nitty-gritty of submissions eases the pressure caused by rejection letters. And when you take fear out of the equation, you’re more likely to succeed.

But all writers who get stuck in a cycle of fear can benefit from this particular page on our website that offers TONS of motivation, encouragement, and help for struggling writers.

TLG: Look at your watch. Now look at the freckle next to your watch. Now look at that wrinkle beside the freckle. How can Writer’s Relief decrease all three of these appearing fast, allowing authors more time to write?

WR: Our system alters the time-space continuum, giving writers more time to write.

Okay—that first part isn’t true. But the second part definitely is.

Since we take on the burden of researching markets, proofreading, formatting, writing cover/query letters, printing/mailing/tracking submissions, etc., our writers can dedicate time to their craft while knowing that their submission strategy stays on track.

Writers can learn more about our various services. Or we invite writers of books, poems, stories, and essays to submit to our Review Board for free consideration.

TLG: How does Writer’s Relief protect my ideas and writing? Is my submission placed in the top of a big stone castle with a moat that houses a water dragon built around it and fifty men with knives sent to guard it?

WR: No, of course not. We’re not allowed to keep dragons anymore. We use flying monkeys.

Actually, this is a fantastic question. First, there’s the question of whether submitting to Writer’s Relief for consideration is safe. And we promise, it is. We’ve been helping writers since 1994, and we wouldn’t have survived this long as a small business if we weren’t ethical and deeply protective of writers’ work.

But there’s also a larger question here, which is: How can a writer protect his/her ideas? And we actually answer it in this post.

TLG: Are there any freebies? How can Writer’s Relief tempt the gang into—excuse the pun—’submission’?

WR: There are so many freebies for writers on our site that we can’t even list them all. So here are a few of our current giveaways:
Free Publishing Tool Kits: If you have a question about the creative writing biz, the answer will be easy to find in our tool kits.
Free Publishing Leads: Our Writers Classifieds pages offer oodles of calls for submissions organized by date. Take advantage of this amazing resource and get published today!
Submit Write Now!: This is our free weekly e-publication that gives writers amazing insight into how to succeed, and keeps readers posted when we have new freebies or publishing available. Readers can unsubscribe at any time. Over 30,000 writers are currently taking advantage of our free info.

TLG: What do you recommend to writers about building an author platform? A trip to Home Depot?

WR: These days, writers need to be Googleable. Whether you’re writing poems, stories, or books, having an author website is the first order of business (and blogging is even better!) for developing a Web presence. Writer’s Relief has a subsidiary called Web Design Relief that specializes in website development specifically for authors. Check out our portfolio of writer websites.

Thanks so much for being such a great host, Tracie! This was fun!

BONUS CONTEST: Writer’s Relief is going to give away one free copy of their e-book The Goal Oriented Writer to one reader who leaves a comment for them on this blog. Comment today and I’ll choose a winner!