Sunday Sesh: Scrabble Qi

Well, here we have a short Sunday Sesh (hope you are loving that alliteration there!) today because, well frankly, I’m too busy playing Scrabble. I know, I know, first it was Boggle – beloved Boggle – how bold and bountiful you have become to me! (ooh, did that bit of alliteration make you tingle or what?) But now it is Scrabble.

As a present for you, I have photographed a picture of the end product of one of the games and written you a poem using all of the words and no others. Gotta love a bit of divergent thinking, don’t ya. Anyhoo, the poem is titled ‘Scrabble Qi’ – make sure you sing the ‘fa’ really long and loud, for dramatic effect! I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! TLG.

Scrabble Qi

Scrabble Qi

Gin-laced vein, ooze roil tum ajar,
dad spawn tare, as shabby cat guise.

Never grown up, forget a sixer, a hot buy-
flips za, fends quids.

Fa! keels.
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