Sunday Sesh: Tin Can Musings

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I have been toying with the idea of words being considered as precious. If we could only use a certain quota of words everyday, how would you choose what words could be said? Would people carelessly throw around words like ‘I love you’ or ‘I’m sorry’ if it were at such an expense? Would swearing be considered wasteful? I’m sure that people would certainly learn how they truly felt about someone if they expressed anger, fully knowing the consequences; in the spirit of Chris Rock and his bullet control theory: would you spend a lot of time thinking, I would insult you to your face, if I could afford the words.

Writing the 100 word stories has been an interesting way to learn and practice cutting out useless words. Sometimes I don’t want to cut out a word or a sentence because I have formed a strong attachment to the idea behind it. So, I try to save my words and ideas in an imaginary tin where they rattle around with intense purpose until one day when I need them.


Editing does not have to be about throwing words and ideas away, it can be about storing them, for use on a rainy day. This way, when you have a blog post due and no ideas, you can consult your tin of words and ideas. Naturally, the idea will bloom in a different context and the words; well the words will have earned interest.

This blog post is another example of ‘pulling down the fence when it seems greener on the other side’ and was brought to you personally (and faithfully) by none other than:

The Literary Gangster.