Are you considering a Long Distance Relationship?

Are you having trouble deciding whether to engage in a Long Distance Relationship (LDR) with your current partner (CP).?

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LDRs can be tough

Is it worth it?
Are you worth it?
Are they worth it?

Luckily, TLG is here to help you. Below is a Long Distance Relationship Application Form (LDRAF) I have designed for you to email overseas to a potential LDR partner; or, simply print it off and give it to your CP.

It is as easy as saying the word ‘acronym’!

Just fill in [these sections] where applicable, then sign your own name at the bottom.

Ensure that your Skype credit is topped up and that you have strong internet connection in preparation for your interview. Make sure that you smile a lot, and always leave your baggage at the door!

With this template, your LDR with your CP or LDR Partner will be an pleasurable one. This professional approach means that you will be back in the arms with your CP as quick as you can say ‘the sentence antidisestablishmentarianism should not be separated for the sake of an acronym’.

Good luck!

Long Distance Relationship Application Form

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