Sunday Sesh: Image and Imagery

Last night I dreamt of rocky, mountainous terrain and dirt paths spiralling down gullies and creeks filled with gushing water and bright yellow and white flowers covering bright green grassy hillsides; an old shack for a house, a language I didn’t understand and spiced food cooked by old ladies in nighties with high eyebrows. In the distance, two mountains blew their tops and hot orange and red lava flowed and rocked the green valleys and I scooted along the river on a raft watching the world dance before me.

Times like these, I wish I could communicate this through visual art but unfortunately my brain doesn’t connect to a paintbrush too well. Even holding a camera the right way is difficult for me. Heck, communicating through speaking is often a chore. I’m a rambler by default! Thank goodness for the written word and the ability to edit.

But imagine if you could connect your brain to a projector and think of something with it simply to be reflected on to a canvas. Of course, it would have implications: would people be worried that they may think of something they’re not meant to tell anyone? Like a long lost family secret. Or of a secret love. Or of a deal they once made with the devil. Who knows how it could work.

These days, I don’t go to extra lengths to carry a camera with me anymore. I find that I enjoy taking a mental snap instead, clicking my eyelids closed then open to ensure I’ve really set an image in cement, before filing it away in my mind. Then later, when I am bored or nostalgic, I open up the folder in my mind and flip through the images to see which ones I feel like staring at. They remind me of the places I have been, and the feelings of I have felt, in this world and in my mind. I’ve shifted a few images from my collection into a folder titled ‘novel’. Now I sit at my desk every day and describe each image, one by one; some I took myself, and others imagined. I reshuffle them, and every now and then search for one more to add here or there, to keep the flow. Like connecting still shots to create a film.

Why? Because I want you to one day be able to sit on a raft and cruise the river, view the scenery and enjoy the ride through my painting.