Sunday Sesh: S.S. Relationship



S.S. Great Britain, Bristol, 2013.

So there you are, a nice little boat just cruising through the seas of life. You hit a few bumps along the way, but that’s fine, you learn to patch up holes pretty quickly. Then S.S. First Relationship moors their ship at your wharf and eventually blows a canon right through you. That’s fine, you moor at Parent Island for a while, then at Best Friend Island a little longer. Then you sail on. A few more ships come along and put a canon in you: S.S. Random Guy From Pub, S.S. Girl From English Class, S.S. Thought They Were The One. Meanwhile, S.S. Parents are really testing your waters.

One day, S.S. Parents, S.S. Husband, S.S. or Best Friend, happen to really be putting holes in you, sending hurt canons flying to the point where you decide to set sail. Off you go, far away and you moor at an island in distant waters. But, canons are still being fired – you realise that you have allowed them back in to your territorial waters. You want to frolic in the wind but they just keep sending those hurt canons flying.

Now you have set sail to a land far, far away. You place underwater submarines in your territory so that they can detect any known intruders. You set alarms and sound signals, even communicate with trusted ships in semaphore so that the above ships can’t invade your personal waters. You have moored your ship safely, and not S.S. Boyfriend or S.S. Parents or S.S. Annoying Uni Friend can hurt you, or drag you down, anymore.

S.S. Great Britain, 1844.

S.S. Great Britain, 1844.

You have moored at a pretty comfortable wharf so that you are able to repair the damage and also relax in the meantime and have a bit of fun. However, S.S.Stranger notes your vulnerability and wants to take control of your ship. They navigate a new life path for you, they tell you to clean your decks and set new sails. They even tell you to dump the barrels of wine that are below deck. Most of all, they stand at the wheel and point and laugh, spitting poison with thunder rolling in the back ground and their hair whipping in the wind. Worst of all, they distract you from repairing your ship so that you have to stay there under their control for longer, maybe forever.

There’s nothing you can do, they have sailed them selves right in to your life and taken control of the wheel. If you didn’t realise that S.S. Stranger would do this, then you know it now. For next time. Yank the trust down, full steam ahead.

But wait! There is something you can make them do. And there is even a reason for it.

Make them walk the plank.

If you have built the strength to blockade S.S. Parents or S.S. Husband or S.S. Sibling, then why would you let S.S. Poisonous Stranger in to closer waters, than the blockade you have set up for sake of the ones that you love?

Make them walk the plank, repair your ship and roll out the wine.

S.S. Great Britain, October 2013.

S.S. Great Britain, October 2013.