Me, The Wood Horse and Tea


It is the year of the wood horse where success is guaranteed and good luck is abundant! Happy Chinese New Year!

I have been using my left brain increasingly for work so much lately. I am all up in my own grill with numbers and ledgers and logic. By the weekend, I start to warm down in to the lazy right brain and by the time Monday comes round, I’m raring to write, I’m late for work and the puns are piling up so bad that I waste all of my free flowing creative energy in self editing so as not to expose my nerdy right brained side in the professional work place. They can’t know I’m not really a gangster and that I am addicted to word games and that I like reading the dictionary at random intervals while Facebook loads or while I download a funny picture that probably isn’t really all that funny, one that I will definitely delete at least by Thursday.

Do wooden horses have this much trouble? According to the many different and random sites on Chinese Astrology that I have read over the weekend, the horse is usually quite rampant with success but can easily be taken in the wrong direction very quickly. However, the wooden horse is more thoroughly stocked for its success, and is a slow burner if you will. Patience and tolerance with work and others are the keys to success according to my sign (Ox + water) on yet another random Chinese Astrology website with broken English and funny cartoon pictures on the sides (all totally amusing!).

I suppose I could take a little something on board here over the next few months and try to use a metaphorical set of blinkers for being open and closed i.e. creative and logical. Its important to be focused when you’re running the long race. I know that music and humour are the best ways to get from an closed to an open state of mind but what about the whole focus thing once you are in each state of mind?

Maybe it all comes down to tea. There has to be time for cups of tea. Make time for a cup of tea!

I could begin to measure success by how much time I get to have drinking tea. No, no, no – that isn’t what I’m thinking at all – I don’t mean by chugging down tea and scolding my mouth or by becoming an iced-tea-by-the-jug-expert and keeping some kind of tea tally; I mean, quality time with tea. Contemplative tea. Quiet tea. Sexy tea. Happy tea. Problem-solving tea. Creative tea. That will make me slow down a bit because I don’t think an ADHD horse on Speed would have much luck keeping up with me which those of you who know me personally will understand.

Anyhoo, just some thoughts from the weekend but I would love to hear what your tactic for success is. Now I must go, I have some gangster stuff to deal with…

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