Mooove Over!

imageIf I could draw funny pictures I would. My Far Side picture would be of a group of men in business suits scoffing short blacks, spitting grins, chuckling names and raising eyebrows like egos: ‘har har had, good one Dolsen’. Or maybe they would be cows. Bulls, of course. Before them would be a group of women in skirts (or cows) and business shirts, standing crinkled  and twisted over a grate with their heels caught in between. That’s my picture of the business world. It’s okay though, as soon as the men start a war again, the women will pool that gap.

I’m not usually in to any kind of political battle of the sexes but fact is fact. When you visit the war memorial in Melbourne – The Shrine of Remembrance, it is so huge it has its own tram stop. Read the plaque scripted with a dedication to all the men that fought and then buy a stick of rosemary. For when I visited it, I was so overwhelmed that I had to take a rest on a nearby bench seat. It was an old bench seat, chipped wood and slightly mossy. Alas, it had a plaque too – ‘to the women who did their part in the war’.

Well put it this way, if all women did in the war was knit socks then they definitely wouldn’t be wearing a suit nowadays. Now mooove over!