The Evolution Of A Lady – Shoe Timeline


I think that shoes can define a female’s evolving maturity from a little girl to a classic woman. If we ever get that far.

When I was small, I always had shitty school shoes. They would flap their tongues and talk to me all day but unfortunately no one else understood shoe language, so I was pretty unpopular.

In my teens, I wore sneakers because I wanted to wear shoes that boys wore because it was cool. Sometimes I would secretly try on mum’s heals but I always thought they looked too girly.

In my early 20s, I wore comfortable sneakers and worked hard lifting boxes. It was all about comfort and nothing whatsoever about looks. Yes my favourite pair of shoes at this age were a pair of men’s black sneakers. Somehow, a lovely pair of Nine West knee high’s made their way in to my collection. I would wear them under jeans, of course.

Later on in my mid 20s, I dumped comfort for cheap, nice looking shoes that I could slip on and off easily if in a rush. Which was always. They looked okay but I had many back problems which made me unhappy. Also, they expired every month.

Then came the mid to late 20s. Where I wore no shoes. Often I would wear a pair of shoes out and never see them again. I was convinced that my local had a huge collection of my shoes and would give them back to me one day but they never did. I danced and frolicked without a care in the world! I tested myself in those years, roughing my soul and my soles, and came out with both being stronger.

After the no-shoes years, I finally found a nice, comfy pair of heeled boots which I have recently realised are not appropriate for EVERY single occasion. Eg. Backpacking through France and Germany. I had to move on, I had to search and at least try to spread my wings.

But there has always been a problem – which is why I have loved the most, the no-shoes years. I have really wide but short feet. It seemed impossible for me to find a pair of shoes that were comfy and that looked good. I was always embarrassed by my feet in front of snooty shoe ladies and often freaked out at price tags, which was a nice test because at least I realised that I could in fact jump up and down in heels.  There has always been a problem with me buying shoes.

But then it happened.

A pair of shoes that I can wear every day to work where I can look and feel professional! Where I can master heels like a giraffe masters its own legs! Where I won’t stand on the ends of my pants and drag them out in threads behind me, revealing cheap underwear! Where, when you place you feet inside, they fit perfectly and they are so soft it feels like walking on baby clouds. Thats right. Not just normal clouds, baby clouds.

And so, through the history if my shoe collection, I can safely see now, that I am in fact, a lady.

Coming up next – Wine Timeline.