Vitamin Crazy

There’s something in the air. I don’t know what it is. But the people are howling and the stray dogs are quiet and it scares me. The tram rattles by. The road has hardened over the winter unlike on a summer’s day where the tram is apt to derail under molten tar and where the people are calm. It must be the salty, summer air. But in winter? No, people are hiding in tiny restaurants, booking three weeks in advance for snails and hummus, snorting the salt straight from the shaker. Yes, the people are howling and a tiny dog wants to lick my leg, lick the winter scales right off it. And I would let it. But. Should I take the tram home? Or walk? I choose to walk and tan my face in the moonlight while it shines high in the sky. Get a dose of vitamin Crazy. While it lasts.