Positive Thinking (Really?)

I have been hearing so many mixed feelings lately about being positive and how positive thinking can change your day. Eg. If something shit has happened – just think positively and all will be okay. For some people, this works. For others, they may have tried it and either sometimes worked or failed. Others just don’t even bother with ‘that crap’.

I believe positivity is important. Otherwise I wouldn’t be me. But, it is important to actually acknowledge things first, as negative as they may be, then turn it in to a positive if you can.

Take a lesson with it. Don’t ignore an experience; put it in your mouth and feel it slowly melt on your tongue and slide down your throat in to your stomach and digest it through your intestines until you can shit it out the other end. You will be stronger for it, you would have absorbed all the experiences and remember lessons for ‘next time’ and you will be proud to have moved it on. That then leads to positive thinking.

Otherwise expectations of people and things can become unrealistic and failure of these expectations will set in. If you ignore it like I have in the past, it will haunt you and default to explosive negativity.

But if I acknowledge an experience and take the time to understand it, I learn something which makes me feel better which makes me feel hopeful and positive.

I understand that sometimes certain experiences get clogged in the lower abdomen while we try to digest them but they eventually do come out. Even with a little force if they’ve been sitting there too long. Usually the first time this happens it’s quite severe but once a digestive track gets working a few times it can kick in to gear pretty fast when needed.

I guess it’s like having an ‘experience muscle’.This muscle needs to be exercised to work properly. It needs to be fed a mixture of experiences to digest so that it can absorb the good lessons and kick out the bad.

Eventually you are left with positivity inside of you. If that ever runs low, you need to go out and eat more experiences.

When it comes to control I always tell myself that I have two options:

1. If I apply an action to this situation, will it change it?

Yes – great!

No? Then change it in your mind.

It is what it is.