The Longing & Other Fairytale Feelings

Other than an excuse to get my favourite people together, I wanted to celebrate this small achievement of the publication of my book of poetic musings at a book launch. The day was full of laughs and love, a few wines and a little karaoke. I joined up with two musician friends to create songs from two of my poems and they were performed beautifully by Jess and Harry. It was great to receive so much support from friends, family, fellow writers and I am really happy. I would call the day a success on many levels!

I had some good friends be awesome enough to let me use their art and photography for this book. In particular, Carmel Debreuil, my Canadian artist friend living in NSW, Julian Ray, my American photographer friend who can usually be found bumbling his way through Myanmar, Neiman Catley, my American photographer friend who I met in Bali and Miyoshi Masato, my Indonesian creative genius photographer, artist and musician from Indonesia. The book looks amazing because of these guys so thank you my creative souls πŸ™‚

I had no idea about how to publish a book (and still don’t!) so after umming and ahhing for a long time I decided that I would just do it!

I am still fine tuning the smaller things such as promoting my book on websites and ignoring the fact that I don’t have a clue what I’m doing! I decided that the easiest way to share my book would be with you, my gangster fans.

Below is a description and should you get your hands on a copy, remember – it is all just an experience πŸ™‚

“The Longing & Other Fairytale Feelings is a collection of musings induced by poetic form and supported by magical artwork and photographs by various artist friends of the author. I once asked a friend: why can’t I be free? Why is there a cage around me? And he responded: but, girl, aren’t you partly responsible for building this cage? You just sat there while the cage was built around you. So, I took down the cage. This collection of poems, The Longing & Other Fairytale Feelings, I first began writing at age eleven; since I was old enough to acknowledge the cage around me. Now, at almost thirty, I am happy that this Lark can fly free. -TPL.”


The Longing & Other Fairytale Feelings

Peace out x