Price Check! The Musical

Price check 3A trolley full of laughs! 

Price Check! – The Musical is a new Australian musical comedy, offering some strong and independent competition to our American-dependent musical ears and eyes – much like the supermarket store of which this musical is set in. Like the characters in Price Check! – The Musical, it offers perspective from the small fish in a big bowl!

Narelle Sims (Belinda Hanne Reid) is a check out chick with a love for toy-boys; David Fisher (Sean Weatherly) is an educated fool with promotion on his mind; Zayeeb Dash (Grant Durham) has a fetish for fruit and vegetables, giving more energy than your daily five and two; Mr Butler (Paul Dawber) is the general manager who’s after the cash and a little ballroom dancing; and finally, Mrs Zimmerman (Jacqy Phillips) is an elderly Jewish woman and patron of the store who to the other character’s chargrin, is stuck in her branded ways. Price Check! – The Musical follows these small fish down the isle of life’s complications and explores the idea of having hopes and dreams, much in credit to the Australian way of life.

price check 2

Throw in the basket, a well choreographed dance crew and back up singers, with a cool dude playing the keys (Rainer Pollard) and humerous lyrics – and where necessary, sincere Aussie battler emotion you would only find well deep in the frozen section of quality Australian theatre – and, what do you have? Price Check!

price check 4

I found the musical well entwined with song, dance, and dialogue, and I especially liked how the songs resonated from each character throughout the musical to build the final scenes in the second act to a close which was both humerous and enlightening.

The characters are well rounded and entertaining. There is some serious check out chick talent in this musical; you won’t be getting the night-fill nightmares from this cast – they’re so hot to trot they could start a firesale!

price check 5

Don’t wait to see it, Price Check is here this week only, it’s a quality and local Australian musical  and its not hanging around as long as Christmas decorations in October do (and November and December)!

Price Check! – The Musical, directed by Noel Anderson, Written by Sean Weatherly & Cerise de Gelder, Choreographed by Dana Jolly and Musical Direction given by Rainer Pollard, is showing at Theatre Works, 14 Acland Street St Kilda from August 26th – 30th, 2015.

Don’t take a rain check – take a price check and book here!

price check 1

By Tracie Pascoe-Lark.