Dialogue in Writing


Dialogue is on my mind. I feel like it might be quite important for writing fiction. I could muse via lengthy prose about how dialogue breaks up blocks of writing, about how it informs me about my characters, and how it progresses the story, or I could explore an imaginary conversation with my new literary friends…

“Hey Dialogue, what’s happening?” Plot inquired, snapping his knuckles and tapping his toe against the rings of the binder.

“Hey Plot. Nothing much, just been checking out this Narrator reading this story.” Dialogue leaned against the lined foolscap paper with its arms folded.

“Oh yeah? Narrator telling you much?” Plot turned the corner of that foolscap paper, peeking underneath to the next page.

“Not really. Can’t take it in with all those full sentences. What a load. I’m bored to tears. I think I’ll infiltrate. help Reader understand the story. Understand You.” Dialogue said.

“What you gonna do?” Plot asked Dialogue.

“Might introduce Reader over there, to a little bit of perspective about Narrator.” Dialogue replied.

“Won’t that cause conflict?” Plot asked?

“Exactly.” Dialogue threw Plot over its shoulders and tramped the foolscap paper with two large black boots, turning a new page over.

“Hey Reader, did you know that Narrator has been hiding the truth about Character from you until now?” Dialogue said, looking over at Plot with a grin.

“I had no idea,” said Reader.

“I had no idea,” said Narrator.

“Mission accomplished,” said Dialogue. Plot grinned back at Dialogue, then they jumped to the next foolscap page with those big black boots landing hard like some kind of fictional super hero story duo.

I think I’ll just leave it there for now, I think you probably get it by now.

“Or will they?” Said Plot and Dialogue.

“Shut up.” Said TLG.