That’s #IT (an adult’s perspective)


I first watched IT after I read the book when I was 12 years old. My mother – of all people – encouraged me to read IT. We also watched Christine but dad’s rickety Willies Jeep was too fun to make cars scary.

That summer, I army rolled by every drain in my small town in absolute fear. I would even shout ‘IT’s gonna get us’ and plagued my friend with the notion.

I saw the new movie on the weekend. A Saturday night session seemed to be most popular with a couple of dozen students from my school. There’s nothing like walking in to a cinema and being greeted with your last name and by ten voices all at once. I waved and got a move on up the back where the cool kids sit.

Monday morning I planted red balloons around my classroom and around the school. I updated the learning goal to ‘we all float down here’ then waited patiently for some of these students to arrive in my classroom. There were screams. There were balloons popped in fright. One student jumped on one in fear of it. I then spent all day pretending I couldn’t see the balloons, for IT doesn’t appear for adults….!

Why did I do this? How could a teacher be so cruel?

Well I’m an adult now. IT can’t get me anymore.