The Affair

He unwrapped the sheet from her ankle and she eased from the side of the bed and leaned over the pearl white dresser. He could now see her body with moonlight glazing over her. He yearned for his unicorn to appear full bellied with their longing, an answer to life’s question.

But the universe may have held another plan for them as yet. Despite his yearning, he still felt she looked the colour and beauty of unicorn’s blood.

“You look,” he hesitated, thinking that his partner might not understand the Harry Potter related compliment. She wasn’t listening anyway. Her eyes were fixed again on outside. He let it go.

“There’s something moving outside. Can you hear it?”

“Where’s Hendrix?”

“He should be inside by now. Check the couch.”

“You check the couch.” He wanted to see the unicorn’s movement under the moonlight.

“Hendrix, here boy.”

“Click, click click,” went the toenails of the German Shepherd on the floor boards.

“Hey boy, why don’t you go outside and protect us so we can get back to what we were doing?” Hendrix panted a little then slumped on the floor, his hips giving out halfway through the fall.

“Look, see, there is something out there. Look! It’s moving under the fence, under the bush. Look!” A rush of light raced through my unicorn’s eyes.

He jumped up this time, the excitement in her voice a surety of the happening outside.



Hendrix got up off the floor, the excitement getting to him too, and jumped up next to them both and placed two paws on the window sill.

From outside, what could be seen were two naked torsos and a set of German Shepherd ears, distorted through the wooden venetian blinds.

“Yelp!” Hendrix was the first to speak.

“What boy?” He said, trying to suss his dog out.

“Look! Oh look baby, it’s his friend!” She gasped.

A smaller German Shepherd popped her ears from under the front bush. She winced as her teats rubbed along exposed branches on the dirt and grass lawn.

“Wow Hendrix, I didn’t think you still had it in ya!” He turned around and patted the dog roughly on the head.

Then after a moment he turned to his silver unicorn in the moonlight. “So baby, where were we?”