The elevator light blinked green as it rose up the wall like an intruding vine. Lana had one heel on the swivel chair and one stuck to the carpet on the floor.

“Shit, shit, shit, she’s coming.”

Lana yanked the USB from the computer’s portal and ducked down behind a water cooler faster than Deadpool in a speed test at the killing Olympics. She always thought these things were a good idea, saved on buying plastic bottles, and now, they were being environmentally friendly to Lana by saving her life. She almost laughed out loud at the thought but the automatic door to Crystal Fennel’s office opened and Crystal Fennel’s cheap shoes clunked in.

“I know you’re in here. Show yourself and I can assure you, there will be no ‘incident’ to cover up.”

What is worse than the cheap shoes? Cheap talk, Lana thought. She had expected this line. Crystal Fennel had a lot to censor and so this warning was a tactic only Lana knew about.

Crystal Fennel retrieved a gun from underneath her bra.

Lana didn’t expect this. Crystal F for Fuckstick knows I’m here. Shite! How could I forget to replace the USB with the replicate?

Lana didn’t think her joke was funny now as her body quivered behind the water cooler. She focused on how to not end up as one of Crystal Fennel’s covered up, scandalous murders. Lana knew more to Crystal’s known efforts in bribing politicians. After all, she had grown up with her. Spending time in the womb together meant that a certain instinctive sixth sense took control at times when they were in each other’s presence. Lucky for Lana, she had the upper hand.

Lana appeared from behind the water-cooler. Her sister’s face hardened at the sight of her.


“Hey sis, what’s up?”

“You should have died a long time ago. Like last time I shot you?” Crystal steadied the gun.

“Still got the scar. I would show you but…”

“But what? You’re about to throw that USB back on my desk and walk out alive? I don’t think so.”

“Okay, fine, put the gun down and let me just give you the USB back.” Lana dangled the lanyard cradling the USB in front of Crystal’s face as she lowered the pistol. “Let me just tell you some last dying words so you can be creative when you write the print up. Look into my eyes, you are getting very sleepy.”

The USB swayed like a pendulum with Crystal’s eyes following left and right.


On the word ‘discombobulated’, Crystal Fennel’s body froze and her head dropped to her chest.

“We never did finish that game of ‘hypnotise’ when we were kids, did we sis?”