Flash Fiction Challenge

Writers Victoria are running a month-long flash fiction challenge via Twitter and I’m hooked! They are celebrating a 30 year anniversary by asking writers to submit 30 word stories with the hashtag #WVFlashFic @Writers_Vic.

The competition runs throughout the month of April; each day a prompt is emailed out to registered writers. So far I have participated in #imitation, #shell, #trapped, #wild, #layers and #tears.

This experience is rewarding for writers of all backgrounds and experiences for it is exposing our imagination through words, forming writerly connections between those sitting lost and alone in their literary garrets.

If you would like to be a part of the fun, you can join here. If you would like to see what The Literary Gangster has been up to on Twitter, you can here.

This experience reminds me of how The Literary Gangster blog started. You’ve heard the story, sure! I returned to Australia after a long jaunt in Indonesia working as a volunteer and I didn’t have much to my name, merely a pen and an ugly exercise book. I began writing one 100 word story every morning, editing it throughout the day, and finalising it in the evening. These microfiction tales taught me so much about killing your darlings, about the editing process, about the currency of words. It also provided a strong discipline to my writing scheme which I now apply to stories of larger word counts! Most of all, these stories, the challenge I imposed upon myself, helped me achieve sanity upon returning to Australia while I sought to understand my world again through a different set of lenses.

Twitter seems to be the perfect forum for this challenge. I hope to meet you out there!

Peace out, TLG.