The Closing Of A Book

Not just any book
a good book
One that took
you beyond the limits of your ego
your heart space
your experience
your family
your friends
One that you could rely upon and depend
for character references
to establish who you are
One that lay moral adherence down
on a magic carpet for you to ride
to the other side, catch the hide
of a smiling horse running so fast
in the wrong direction it feels right
The mighty sword keels in your brave ethos
Feel the pages, go through the phases
grow, broaden your horizons
so you can return to the world
with accumulated knowledge
and experience of things in the present
Shift your life from a peasant
of wisdom to nirvana’s next top model
only to find that the dust settled
on your spine means you now need to redefine
all the things you’ve learned over time
and space that which warped your sense of grace
and now as you close the hardback cover
squeeze remnants of you from the page
read the Prologue and About The Author
you don’t quite feel up to the job anymore
so you sit yourself in the shelf, a literary mortal.
Alas! What’s that? Feels like
shiny font pressed through cardboard
smells like the last road you walked along
but leads to a different world
One where the promise
of a better version of you
is your protagonist’s cue
So you dive between the lines
let loose the ink dripping down your spine
As you enter this new portal
you can become a literary immortal.

This Poetic Musing about books is brought to you by TLG
Photos courtesy of David & Daniel Wehner on Flickr