Dear Janet

I wrote this little ditty after a friend in New Zealand told me a touching story about her neighbour Janet, who was battling a terminal illness and wanted to make the pilgrimage home to Malta to rest in peace.

Well there neighbour why so quiet
I can hear moonbeams on your head
I know you want to fly on home 
but please don’t leave us just yet

Falling veins like paper planes
I can see laughter from your mouth
I know you want to fly on home
Tonight let us dance instead

From Morningside to Malta
That’s where you will go
To take your final stand
Before your curtain falls 

We’re not home, it’s so quiet
You left a coin on our fence
Stole a smoke but can’t steal time
Just one more for the road

My son likes your attention
You need the distraction
Body crumbles, mind stumbles
Got the heart and soul of a child

From Morningside to Malta
That’s where you’ve gone
Let the longing linger longer
Before you take yourself home

You left a statue in the garden
I draw strength from stone
I cry all the tears for you and me
now since you are gone

Come on neighbour smoke with me
Without you it’s too quiet
From Morningside to Malta
Sing a song I will remember tonight

From Morningside to Malta
You’ve gone to rest at home
In peace forever now
For time has come and gone

Tony said you’re not coming back, and 
Dear Janet my son thanks you for his hat.

Thanks to Juan Cabanillas for the use of your Flickr photo of Luzzu’s eye, a common sight on Maltese fishing vessels.

According to Wikipedia, these eyes may be the modern survival of an ancient Phoenician custom they are referred to as the Eye of Horus or of Osiris. Ironically, this fits Dear Janet perfectly, with the Eye of Horus being a symbol of health, and Osiris being the god of alcohol, afterlife and resurrection.