Authors For Fireys Twitter Auction

Hello TLG fans, if you haven’t already heard about it, there is an online Twitter auction starting today to support the Australian fireys who are heroically fighting the inferno in my homeland.

You can bid on a generous author’s offer (manuscript assessments, books, podcast interviews etc) by announcing an amount you will donate on Twitter, the highest bidder wins. You must then show proof of your donation to Aussie fireys to that author and then the prize will be given/sent to you. The auction ends at 11:00pm Sydney/Melbourne time on Saturday 11th January.

This sounds like such a valuable way for authors, readers, editors, poets etc around the world to support those giving their lives to fight the devastation in Australia caused by the bush fires.

I moved from Australia to New Zealand two years ago and have lived through bushfires all my life but this is next level. The haze reached us in Northland yesterday, the eerie colours are a bold reminder of the broad impact and reach of these deadly fires.

For more information and/or support go to and use the hashtag #AuthorsForFireys on Twitter to make a bid, or if you are an author, to make an offer in the auction.

Thanks to our writing community for your proactive support.

Taken at Whareora, Northland on 5th January 2020