A Mad Brew

Kettle’s empty, fill it up

Snatch the tea and wipe the cup 

Tea bag in, soaks dishwater

Cup does drop to the floor, the

Kettle’s steaming up the windows 

Wall-paper peels pink flamingos 

Or is that just my tired eyes, 

Falling for kettle’s steamy disguise?

Kettles don’t whistle anymore

They rattle to the kitchen door – 

Answer urgent neighbour’s call

Got any milk? (Mad cow for sure!) 

No, come on in, I’ll entertain you

Join me and flamingo for a brew

My milk is sane, the cow, a bore; 

Alas! Kettle’s hopped it out the door!

Spoon and dish, hand in hand

Found kettle in a different land

With tango dance at kettle’s toe

And tea-leaves read by cows on show 

With flamingo prancing all in time

To cup and saucer’s clanking rhyme 

Where billies boil, steam does scream; 

O how we laughed at kettle’s dream.

Thanks to Benjamin Lehman for the use of your pic from Flickr