The Fantails Came

The fantails came 
followed at my feet
and I thought they
were here to warn me
of death but they
just wanted to pick
the bugs from the
overturned stones
at my feet.

The fantails came
and hovered at my
window and I thought
they wanted to bring me
luck from ghosts
of my ancestors but
they just wanted to pick
at the maggots from a
squashed fly on my desk.

The fantails came
and I thanked them
for their warning and luck
and told them I knew
death would come
and that someone
close to me would die
and they chirped.

The fantails came
that morning you went,
they hovered, fluttered,
pecked, squawked,
were relentless
for my attention
and I told them I could not cry.

The fantails came
instead of the
willy wag tails
in the quiet of the
New Zealand lockdown
in the bush where
I could not reach you.

And the willy wag tails came
to visit my family in Australia
and to guide Nan across the river
under the full rose moon.

Thanks to Broken Piggy Bank and Jess Parker for the use of your pics πŸ™‚