The End

Well, it’s been nice.

I’ve decided to do the very difficult thing of retiring my blog.

The reason for this is that, well, it’s time to grow up a bit. And not in the un-fun way. I mean, it’s time to admit that I’m a writer and to use my actual name on a blog.

Since October 2012, TLG has been a bit of a scientific literary experiment for me. I donned a hardcore name as a personal yet consistent ‘hype girl’ to encourage me to be bad ass and write and edit like hell and kill my darlings and go be the world and all that but, now I feel as though I can finally accept my name, end my identity crisis, end these feelings of being a wandering wonderer without a sense of belonging. I’ve had fun experimenting with 100 word stories as I had begun with which led to me experimenting with an Amazon book Hundreds and Thousands, as a kind of test run for publishing through them. Oh the places I’ve seen!

I’ve published book reviews and How To’s and interviews. I’ve published flash fiction, poems, short stories, novel excepts which I have never published! I’ve posted emotional rants and Tram Diaries, snippets that are like photographs, I can recall the very moment and place I had the thought associated with that feeling! I’ve explored mental illness and creativity and literary works and Australian History as well as so much more! It’s all been an experience, all for the better, to make me a braver writer.

I am by no means saying that I have perfected my craft – no way! I still have so much to learn with writing, and always will, and anyone who thinks they have perfected it is selling something! Ha!

So thank you to those people whom I genuinely connected with on this obtuse platform called WordPress. And thanks for the random likes to those other people who probably followed my blog just because of the name.

But to be honest, most of the time when I wrote on my blog, it felt like I was just talking to myself. And I guess through this process, I have learned to know myself a little better, I have learned to respect myself and even be a bit proud of some of the things I have done so far in my writing career. So thanks to my pseudonym, The Literary Gangster for being my disciplinarian in writing and for bashing down my acute inner critic while editing.

I’m off to learn how to make a real website now, one that you pay for. Maybe one day I’ll even sell some books on it, one’s with my name on the front as author, not just contributor. So lookout for an author website that will be called Tracie Lark | Writer. Such a gangster name I have to say…!

Peace out Literary Gangsters πŸ™‚