About TLG

The Literary Gangster is my blog where I deliver to you short stories from my private collection known to me as ‘Hundreds & Thousands’. And by short I mean 100 words. And by private I mean I’ve been writing one 100 word short story in an exercise book, (one of those ugly blue and yellow ones from a two dollar shop), every day.

‘Hundreds & Thousands’ unpublished, dedicated to the 100 word story is available to you in pretty font and a classically designed blog post as opposed to scrawl in a coffee stained exercise book…but wait there’s more!

Hundreds and Thousands: A collection of one hundred word stories is now available as an ebook on Amazon’s Kindle Store.


Follow TLG’s blog to keep up with out the latest from the Literary Gangster and to find a story to entertain your thoughts and sweeten your day with a short tale that is small enough to spread on your sandwich at lunch.

As Darwin predicted, this blog has evolved by natural selection of appropriate, media ready posts so you can also find on here thing such as reviews, Sunday Sesh posts and links to gangster things such as literary discussion.

And why the name ‘The Literary Gangster’ you may ask? Well when you are in the process of writing one hundred 100 word short stories, it goes a little like this:

Be the literary gangster, chopping, charging killing it. Got a grudge with grammar. Sentences are being set straight. Paragraphs are being annihilated or realigned. Be the puppeteer of words. Be a diamond Rambo in the literary rough.



For behind the scenes information, you can visit TLG’s personal writing page here.


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