Authors For Fireys Twitter Auction

Hello TLG fans, if you haven’t already heard about it, there is an online Twitter auction starting today to support the Australian fireys who are heroically fighting the inferno in my homeland.

Dead Possum On The Road

Hi TLG readers. Here’s a little ditty I wrote about my ethical quandary about possums. I grew up in Australia and we were taught to call ‘1800InjuredAnimals’ whenever a koala, …

I Am Lioness

I am lioness Striding through life’s open fields I prey ‘pon only that which nourishes me; but, Contentment is my demise. Thanks to Marc on Flickr for the use of …

The Dolphin

+++ I am the dolphinSurfing life’s salty sea breaksDeep down I trembleExploring darkness aloneThen I surface breaking waves. +++ Photo by James West on Flickr

The Man And The Bird

A topic of discussion amongst many of my friends and I lately has been about how our own art, in all forms whether it be creative writing, visual, musical, fine …